3 requirements for a productive life


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This is the English version of the article 3 requisitos para uma vida produtiva.

lifeThere are many personal and professional theories, philosophies and methodologies. Each one of them with its creators, gurus and popes, who are followed by practitioners and evangelists.

Many of them, like GTD, tend to work out very well. Others, not that much. Some of them are simple, but there are also the very complex ones. What is really important is finding the one that works for you and recognizing  under which context they should be applied.

Nevertheless, there are 3 requirements for a really productiveproduc life and work that are methodology-independent and can be applied to anyone:

  1. Always do something you love;
  2. If you can’t do something you really love all the time, at least do it most of your time;
  3. When you must do something you don’t like, be the most rigorous with its organization and deployment of the chosen methodology — remember the popular quote keep your friends close and the enemies closer.

tivityUndoubtedly, these 3 items are determinant to success and must always be pursued. By sticking to them, you will have more time for the really good stuff in life.

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To support this idea, I suggest Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address:


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